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The Spa at Poco Diablo, brings a new level of relaxation and wellness. Our boutique size allows us to take a personal approach to your visit and deliver the highest quality of service for your relaxation. We focus on eco-friendly, organic and natural products offering a head-to-toe healing experience and pampering with a full service menu including massage, body scrubs and wraps, facials, manicure & pedicure, hair and wedding services.

Whether you're a guest at the resort or not, make it a day or a quick relaxing stop at our Spa!

Our nail services are available on Sundays, when other nail salons in Sedona are closed!

Contact The Spa at 928-203-5982 or email your appointment request to prior to your arrival and start your getaway!

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Monday: 10am to 6pm

Tuesday - Friday: 10am to 8pm

Saturday: 9am to 8pm

Sunday: 9am to 6pm


Spa Sedona Facial Pedicure

"Renewal Spa Retreat"     3hrs / $230

Embrace warm weather and treat yourself to this deluxe combo!

Start with a 90 minute Brightening Facial including a toning eye treatment, rich Green Tea sugar scrub for your hands and arms and warm moisturizing oil scalp massage.

Continue the day with a 90 minute Hot Stone signature pedicure including a full pedicure, Indonesian Ginger clay mask and scrub, and hot stone massage for your feet and calves. Enjoy a Pina Colada while being pampered (available non-alcoholic)!

Spring cleaning never felt so good!


sedona massage spa Special Occasion

DESERT WELLNESS         2hrs / $240 

Enjoy this 2-hour delectable treat with an Essential Oil Wrap and Hot Stones Massage.

Your skin is gently exfoliated with a loofah to improve the circulation and clear dead skin cells. The brushing is followed by a Hot Stone massage using your chosen blend of aromatherapy oils.

You are then cocooned in a warming wrap to soak in the relaxation and the healing properties of Aromatherapy.

While you are wrapped, Propolis Ointment is gently applied to your face, to soak in its natural healing and anti-aging properties. As a final touch, your feet are massaged with the healing Bee Balm Cream to protect and soothe.


massage facial Spa Day Sedona

POCO DIABLO SPA DAY       3hrs / $300

This luxurious head-to-toe Spa Day is the ultimate getaway starter!

Start out with an hour-long Swedish Massage to soothe the muscles and tone the skin. Add on an integrated enhancement of your choice: Moisturizing Scalp Massage or a Sage Foot Scrub.

Continue with a 60m Hydrating Facial including a gentle cleanse, a nourishing mask, finished with a face and neck massage for a youthful glow.

Wrap your day with an Express Manicure and Pedicure (ideal if you get regular pedicures), or a Traditional Pedicure with a pick of your favorite color!

sedona spa massage facial

RED ROCK GETAWAY         2.5hrs / $255

Savor the delight of full body regeneration!

Unwind and let go of stress during a 75 minute Swedish Massage with a Moroccan Clay Foot Mask, followed by a 75 minute Moisturizing Aromatherapy Facial with a sumptuous Hand Renewal Treatment.

The deeply rich clay mask is weaved into your massage to  gently draw out toxins, reduce dryness and revive the feet.

Your Facial includes a gentle cleanse, nourishing mask, face and neck massage, as well as an added lush hand treatment to soothe and plump the skin with an added hand and arm massage.

chakra energy facial spa sedona

'BALANCE' CHAKRA FACIAL     1hr / $110

Reduce stress and connect to yourself with this chakra balancing treatment where the mind and body connect as you get the full benefit of a classic facial.

This nourishing facial includes a cleanse and a gentle exfoliation, a mask to tighten and plump your skin, and a hydrating face massage, excludes extractions. During the treatment your chakras are balanced and activated. Corresponding crystals are carefully placed on specific chakra centers, followed by activating affirmations.

Continue your day with your mind and skin in tranquility, and enjoy a token Rose Quarts crystal heart as a reminder to stay centered and present.


vegan organic Day Spa Sedona massage facial

HEAD TO TOE!       3hrs/ $310

Get ready to shine with this indulging combo.

Start with your choice of a soothing 90 minute Aloe Wrap or a nourishing 90 minunte Essential Oil Wrap – reawaken your body while being warmly cocooned in the healing wrap followed by a full body massage.

Continue the day with a luxurious 90min Deluxe Facial including pressure point foot massage with warm mitts and booties, and a pampering eye treatment.

Step into the faultless Head-to-Toe look!

Men Spa Sedona massage

DAPPER GENT       3hrs / $300

Prepare for your day and be ready to impress.

Unwind with a choice of 90 minute Swedish or Deep Tissue massage and nourish your skin and muscles.

Continue with a 60min Customized Men’s facial to brighten and moisturize, leaving you with a fresh look. (If needed, shave 6 to 8 hours before treatment, or leave the 5 o’clock shadow.)

Finish the visit with a quick 30 minute hydrating manicure grooming for some extra attention to your hands.


sedona deep tissue Massage Hot Stones

Enjoy your time at Poco Diablo with a professional massage.

Couple's massage is available at no additional charge. Advance booking recommended.

Our therapists are skilled in a wide variety of techniques, please inquire with requests.

  • SWEDISH          60 min—$110 / 90 min—$155
             Traditional serene massage. Let go gently.
  • DEEP TISSUE          60 min—$120 / 90 min—$165
             Affects deeper level of musculature. Not for featherweights.
  • HOT STONES          60 min—$130 / 90 min—$175
             Smooth heated basalt stones are used to massage your body with a deep healing warmth, easing          muscular tension and soreness. Incredible.
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE          60 min—$110 / 90 min—$155
             For mother to be, this massage treatment is designed to relieve discomforts, reduce stress on weight-         bearing joints and encourage circulation.
  • THE SEDONA SHIFT          60 min—$110 / 90 min—$155
             Energy healing treatment. This session is not a massage. Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit!
  • TRAIL'S END FOOT SPA          30 min—$60
             A hiker's treat with White Sage Salt scrub and peppermint cream foot massage. No need to disrobe!
             This treatment can be added to a full body massage.


sedona Facial wax extractions hydrate

With traditional manual techniques we provide relaxation equal to a massage using oganic skin care line.

Each facial is customized. Includes analysis, deep cleanse, toning, warm steam, extractions (excluding Express), massage, moisturizer and protection application.

  • EXPRESS           30 min—$60
    A quick and effective facial for a healthy glow for those on the run.
  • INDIAN SUMMER PURIFYING           60 min—$110
    Deep cleanse and purification utilizing natural herbs and clay.
  • AROMATHERAPY HYDRATING           60 min—$110
    Soothe and hydrate utilizing essential oils and herbs to plump the skin.
  • MANY THANKS DELUXE           90 min—$165
    Luxurious treatment with hand and arm massage, pressure point foot massage, and a pampering eye treatment.
  • JUST FOR MEN          60 min—$110
    Geared to men’s skin to energize and balance. If needed, shave 6-8 hrs prior (to avoid irritation).
  • BACK FACIAL          40 min—$80
    Deep pore cleansing for smooth and revitalized skin.


Sedona manicure pedicure Nail Services vegan


Treat your hands and feet to stellar service!

Try 'Dazzle Dry' as a quick drying vegan gel alternative!

When booking please inform us if you require gel or shellac removal for proper scheduling.


Hands and feet are treated to a soak, a luxurious mask and scrub, soothing massage, nail and cuticle grooming, and choice of color.

  • Manicure     45min / $50
  • Pedicure     60min / $65
  • Combo     105min / $110


Short & sweet, includes a soak, nail and cuticle grooming and a choice of color (ideal if you get regular pedicures).

  • Manicure or Pedicure     30min / $35
  • Combo Express     60min / $60


Traditional full length service excluding color. Clear coat available per request.

  • Manicure 30min / $35
  • Pedicure 45min / $55
  • Combo 75min / $80

Signature Hot Stones Pedicure

Your feet are treated to an invigorating Hot Stone massage, a restoring scrub and a hydrating mask with hot towels. Includes nail and cuticle grooming, callous buffing, and your choice of color.

Call to book: 928-203-5982. View full menu.


sedona Body Scrub treatment massage

Sage, esteemed for cleansing and purifying properties, is carefully handground with sea salt into a scrub, which exfoliates your skin leaving it refreshed and revitalized. You are then rehydrated with a moisturizing Piñon Pine cream, and smudged with White Sage to enliven your spirit. Leaving you purified and renewed, creating clarity of mind, body and spirit!

ALOE HYDRATING WRAP     60 min—$130 / 90 min—$175
During this treatment your skin is rehydrated with a layer of Aloe Vera and Rosewater. While you are wrapped, your feet are soothed with hot towels, massaged and remoisturized with our local vegan Hemp Cocoa Balm to rub away that dry cracked skin. You are then unwrapped and massaged with a Mango Coconut moisturizer. The perfect wrap when your dry skin needs replenishing.

ESSENTIAL OIL WRAP     60 min—$130 / 90 min—$175
We start by gently dry-brushing your skin with a loofah to exfoliate and improve lymphatic flow. From our carefully chosen aromatherapy oils create your own unique blend and indulge in a luxurious rehydrating whole body massage and wrap. While you are warmly cocooned in the healing wrap, your feet are massaged with a local Bee Balm which penetrates and protects your skin. We then lightly apply Propolis Ointment to your face, which prevents wrinkles and is a natural antibiotic. This head-to-toe treatment will amaze you!


bridal sedona Make up wedding makeup


Our stylists are available for trials and the special day preparations for you and your bridal party. Make the special occasion stand out even more.

Services can be booked at The Spa as well as at the Bridal Changing Room (if the room is booked with the wedding package).

Advance bookings for services are highly recommended.

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Contact The Spa at 928-203-5982 or email your appointment request to

sedona Haircut hair shampoo blowout


We offer a full range of Salon Services from haircuts, styling, color & tinting and makeup.

Click here to view our menu.

By appointment only, please call 928-203-5982.


Neuma styling products are plant-based and colour safe with ZERO synthetic fragrance, free of sulfates, parabens and phthalates. It's a vegan sustainable line that leaves the hair looking and feeling more beautiful!

Our color line - Calura -  is also free of many harmful chemicals like ammonia and PPD, and is infused with certified organic essences and keratin. It minimizes the hair damage and adds shine with stellar results!


Sedona swedish best Massage

Advance reservations highly suggested.

Spa appointments for children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

24 hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. 50% charge of service applies for no shows or cancellations less than 24 hours before scheduled visit.

If you have questions or if you are ready to make an appointment, please email The Spa at Poco Diablo or phone (928) 203-5982.

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