Sedona Mountain Biking

With over 250+ Miles of trails to shred – Sedona is an amazing Mountain Biking destination!

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Here are some of the top mountain biking trails in Sedona:

  • 1. Aerie to Cockscomb Trail

    This loop trail combines two different routes, the Aerie trail, and the Cockscomb trail. The loop route comes with excellent descents, easy to ride rolling hills and some photographers' favorite sceneries.

    The trail is suitable ardently for beginner to intermediate level mountain bike riders. The entire route is 6.1 miles long and offers fun riding throughout the track. The good news is there are multiple locations to start riding on the road.

    However, I love the Boynton Canyon Trailhead parking point. You can start from here and quickly explore Doe Mountain for some fun time and a decent downhill ride.

  • 2. Chuckwagon Trail

    Those who love loneliness and solitary rides, the Chuckwagon Trail will offer the scenic beauty and decent riding experience for them. It suits intermediate riders more.

    The long loop starts with heavy traffic since the Devil's Arch route riders also pass a few up-hills here. But as you advance, it becomes quieter. You will get three trailheads for the route. I love the second route since it heads towards the Canyon.

    As you ride through it, the trail has a bit of almost everything, including trees, decent cliffs, downhill rides, streams and rocky pathways. However, get your equipment with you since some repair might be essential here.

  • 3. Hiline

    This trail is for professionals. In fact, this is one of the two expert trails in Sedona, the other being Hangover.

    You begin with some decent climbing and uphill riding until reaching the top. The top offers a marvelous view with an end in a plateau. When you start downhill riding, the initial few slick rock descendants are pretty fun. But the real challenge lies after that.

    The last mile of the trail features a loose chute and steep riding close to a jagged rock. You will need some serious courage to roll over the steep rock.

  • 4. Hangover

    This is the second professional trail in Sedona. Although it has fewer technical steeps and rides, it has the best exposure and popularity. Unless you are adept with the high altitude climbing, you may not want to be here.

    Its saddle structure right at the mountain top is enough to shake your nerves. Also, the highlighted slickrock and steeps will drain out your energy level fast. So, if you really want to test your control and riding skills, Hangover is the right adrenaline boost for you.

  • 5. Llama Trail

    The Llama trail features a spectacular backdrop along its 2.9 miles long route. This trail is rated blue-square and offers a scenic ride through mountains and butte. You start from Bell Rock and pass through and around rocks, slick rocks, gravel and red dirt.

    The trail is mostly pleasant with some technical terrains off and on. As you pass the plateau, the beautiful Cathedral rock offers impressiveness. The course is a perfect riding ground for intermediate riders.

  • 6. Mescal trail

    This is another moderate or blue square rated trail on Sedona. You can hone your ardent mountain biking skills with this trail. It is two miles long and features exceptional slickrock riding along with a breathtaking view.

    You will love the views from Courthouse Butte and some exceptional slickrock right at the nearby locations of Mescal Mountain. You can begin from Long Canyon Road. However, my experiences say that the trail is for intermediate riders with some sorts of mountain biking skills, and so, beginners are discouraged from testing their skills here.

  • 7. Slim Shady

    Slim Shady, with its perfect ascending and descending route, offers a pleasant riding experience for beginners and intermediate riders. The trail is a two-way route. So you can start either way. Also, half of its ascending and half of the course is descending.

    I like climbing from the south end and slowly reaching the top to enjoy the canyon's red landscape. And then, flawlessly climb down across the north end.

  • 8. Herkenham

    Unless you are familiar with Sedona's riding challenges, the Herkenham may seem a bit off route to you. However, once you kick-off your mountain bike, the rest of the trail is all easy. Trailforks rated the path as blue, but don't get me wrong. It is a severe blue rating. So, it is best suited ardently for intermediate to professionals. But beginners with some sorts of riding skill can endeavor the trail too. This is also a two-way trail.

  • 9. Bell Rock trail

    Bell rock trail is the easiest of all Sedona bike trails and a perfect point for beginners. Also, if you plan for a family bike tour, the course has excellent offerings for you. You begin from the parking lot of the Bell Rock Vista corner and toward the rocky mountain.

    During the climb, initially, it is flat ground. Up until the north end, you enjoy some pretty pleasant bare land with some decent uphill climbing. The descending is equally fun with some minimum technical terrains. The backdrop of the Bell Rock will accompany you all along the trail.

  • 10. Templeton Trail

    This trail starts right from where the Bell Rock trail stops and continues until you reach Cathedral Rock. The 3.5 miles long route pass through a few ridges and approach a pleasant climbing experience for the intermediate users.

    You will see the towering Mogollon Rim and the beautiful Courthouse Butte along the trail. The entire route offers extraordinary photographic places that you can't help but to stop for snaps.

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